Class A.C.T. 

Class of 2006

Fellow ’06 Classmates,

To those of you in attendance at the ClassACT ’06 virtual discussion during our Reunion Weekend, thank you again. We look forward to building on the momentum that you bring with your involvement in these early stages and to regrouping later this summer.

To those who were unable to join, we write to you today to share some information about the program that we are working to establish, modeled after the Class of ’73’s successful initiative, and driven by the collective volunteerism, experience, and talent found within our class.

Members of the Class of ’73 launched “ClassACT HR73” to “address important local, national, and international problems by creating and supporting positive change; and, to create expanded, rewarding relationships among classmates.” “ACT” in the name stands for “Achieving Change Together,” and indeed they have been successful in doing so, bridging gaps between existing nonprofit efforts and classmates’ expertise, sharing news of progress and ideas, and collaborating with each other to launch meaningful programs of their own, such as the Benazir Bhutto Leadership Program. For more information about their work visit

Several other Harvard classes have started their own ClassACTs, and we are excited to think about the collective experience and enthusiasm of our class, and how it could be channeled for positive change. With such a successful program to model our own after, the Class of ’06 has a genuine opportunity to be a catalyst for positive change locally and globally and we invite you to be a part of this work, and to help us shape and inform these efforts.

We expect to have an initial committee meeting to launch ClassACT ’06 later this summer. If you are interested in joining your classmates in this work do not hesitate to contact us.

Very Truly Yours,

Elizabeth (Heymann) Jackson, M. Ed.

Joshua D. Monahan, Esq.