Adams JCRProfessional Group/Panels

Saturday, June 5th, 12:45pm.

Come meet and chat with and hear from other '06ers who do what you do, or what you wish you did! Topical breakout rooms below. This will be a single zoom link so that you may move between rooms. If you don't see your area of expertise but would like to host a room, please let us know!

Public Service: Hosted by Erica Scott-Puopolo and Andrea Mayrose. A panel discussion with classmates in Public Service. Recording now available.

Medicine and Law: Hosted by Nina Vasan and Allison Rone Foreman. We surveyed 100 professionals and the result is unanimous: we are tired and want to have some fun! Syndicated daytime gameshow fun! Come join us in a friendly game of Family Feud, where the winning team wins bragging rights and there will be zero mention of virion-that-shall-not-be-named.

Business: Hosted by Teddy Chestnut. Whether you’re building a seed-stage startup or navigating your way through the F500, the last year has been... crazy. Come swap stories, experiences, and reflections on thriving (or at least surviving) in the new normal. As always, see you on Zoom... 

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